Why Staying Curious Is So Important for Creativity

If you’re like me, you probably take for granted the complex quantum computer that is your brain. And when you…

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Tangled Up in Tulle

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Chalcedony Novu in Roma, Italia

Italy in March isn’t as glamorous as I thought. Expecting to run along the streets of Rome photographing my Italian adventures, I didn’t really plan for 50 degrees and rain. Our last morning in Rome, hoping to hit the streets in this stunning custom Chalcedony Novu dress, it was just too damn cold to step foot on the sidewalk wearing next to nothing. We kept it indoors and it quickly became one of my favorite shoots of the trip. Tulle and sequins instantly turn anything into princess mode and I definitely felt like royalty lounging in this old Roman flat. Between the breakfast prosecco, leftover risotto and Dolce and Gabana inspired poses, we made sure to keep as authentic Italian as possible.

Arrivederci, my bunnies!

Custom Couture Dress Chalcedony Novu / Lips Thea Cosmetics

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers


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