Dames in Deutschland

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Guten Morgen Stuttgart.


Our very first venture into Germany started with a boozy brunch and a photo shoot outside the government building in Stuttgart. Nothing quite says tourist like laying on the cobblestone just outside of the main entrance of a capital city’s government offices. Of all the places to be kicked out of a photo shoot location I was pretty convinced this would be the one. I’d like to give a special thanks to any officials in the building for letting us get weird on the doorsteps of your capital building. I hope you agree it made for a killer backdrop for this retro faux suede Shop Tobi dress. Keeping it minimal with monotone boots that look like they could have been cut from the same fabric, the inaugural international Boho Bunnie shoot was completed. Next stop, Beer Fest…












LOVE the side cutout of this dress! Just enough to hold ya in.








My Mykita sunnies that I scored in Tokyo have been to more countries than any other item I own. If only these specs could talk…







Dankeschon, Stuttgart!

Vegan Suede Retro Dress Shop Tobi / Platform Booties Free People


Photography by Ashley Marie Myers


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How to Write Killer Blog Posts Even If You Are a Lousy Writer Like Me

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” ― Anne Lamott

Great blogs don’t happen without great content.

Great content doesn’t happen without growing pains.

Here’s how I went from being a lousy writer to consistently writing blog posts that bring in thousands of visitors to Traffic Generation Café every day – with a step-by-step routine to help YOU write killer blog posts too.

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Insights on Business and Community from Two Intense Days in Denver

Copyblogger Weekly

Hey there — welcome back to the Copyblogger Weekly!

I’m writing this the night before I fly back home from Denver, Colorado, where we held our live Digital Commerce Summit last week. I had the pleasure of teaching a small workshop on Wednesday and then switching gears to give a conference keynote on Thursday.

Every time we hold a live event, big or small, I’m struck by the sense of community that comes together around Copyblogger and Rainmaker. Whether we were hollering our heads off singing together (just a few feet from the stage) at the CAKE concert or feverishly taking notes at 8:30 in the morning during Brian Clark’s talk on “what comes next” in digital commerce, the Summit brought us together to take the next step.

This week, I had fun listening to our own Brian Gardner and Lauren Mancke talk with Matt Mullenweg — the founder of WordPress — about the evolution of that community. It’s a fascinating conversation — and interesting to hear what Matt thinks about the WordPress community nurturing such a thriving economic ecosystem.

And if you’re interested in some other ways togetherness can play a part in business, you might take a look at my post from Tuesday, where I dig into the Unity principle from Robert Cialdini’s new book.

Heads up: Digital Commerce Academy will be closing to new students

One thing I want to make sure you see is that Digital Commerce Academy (DCA) is going to close to new students on Friday, October 28 so we can put all of our focus into developing some killer new courses for our members.

Don’t worry, DCA will be back … but not until 2017, and with a substantially higher price.

And if you’re having pangs of regret for missing the live event? Your DCA membership will include presentation videos from the Summit and the video from that small workshop I mentioned (I taught that one with Brian Clark — it’s a focused dive into creating online courses).

As I mentioned, the price is going to be quite a bit higher in 2017 to reflect the quantity and quality of the new content we’re adding, but you can get all the great new stuff and today’s pricing if you jump in now. Jerod Morris’s post from Wednesday gives you all the details.

Hope you enjoy this week’s content, and I’ll catch you next week!

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

Catch up on this week’s content

Tips and encouragement from master content marketersContent Marketers Share Their Secrets

by Pamela Wilson

Who we are and why that mattersThe Ultra Powerful 7th Principle of Persuasion

by Sonia Simone

Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

by Jerod Morris

8 Ways to Use Online Discounts to Grow Sales8 Ways to Use Online Discounts to Grow Sales

by Sean Jackson

 How (and Why It's OK) to Make Money with WordPress, with Matt MullenwegHow (and Why It’s OK) to Make Money with WordPress, with Matt Mullenweg

by Brian Gardner and Lauren Mancke

How to Create a MVP (Minimum Viable Podcast)How to Create a MVP (Minimum Viable Podcast)

by Jerod Morris & Jon Nastor

How Will Falconer Stopped Trading Dollars for Hours and Found His CallingHow Will Falconer Stopped Trading Dollars for Hours and Found His Calling

by Brian Clark and Jerod Morris

A New Book to Make Content Marketing EasierA New Book to Make Content Marketing Easier

by Sonia Simone

How Bestselling Author Jennifer Weiner Writes: Part TwoHow Bestselling Author Jennifer Weiner Writes: Part Two

by Kelton Reid

Create Your First WordPress Product, with Chris LemaCreate Your First WordPress Product, with Chris Lema

by Brian Clark


Authority Q&A Call with Sonia Simone and Pamela Wilson

Friday, October 21

Join Authority members for the opportunity to get your content marketing and business questions answered by two people with almost 60 years of experience between them! No question is too small, and the more specific the better.

Join Authority to attend this session

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Create Your First WordPress Product, with Chris Lema


In just over a decade, WordPress has become the most popular content management system on the web. And as with any hugely popular open source movement, there are plenty of for-profit companies providing premium themes, plugins, hosting, and support.

Is it too late for you to get involved? Evidence suggests the contrary — that WordPress is just getting started. But you do need to identify a distinct business problem to solve.

As a non-technical founder myself, a decade ago I was under the misconception that the code is what matters. And it does, but the most elegant code in the world matters very little if the functionality of the software isn’t addressing a true user need.

That means you don’t need to have technical skills to create your first WordPress product — you need empathy and the ability to solve a problem. WordPress expert Chris Lema joins us today to get you on the right path for open-source software success.

Listen to this Episode Now

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Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

I have a few quick questions for you …

  • Do you realize that worldwide sales of ebooks exceeded $9 billion in 2015?
  • Did you know that online education is now a $21.3 billion per year market in the U.S. alone?
  • And would you like to tap into a small, little portion of those massive pies to claim your own piece? :-)

If so, joining Digital Commerce Academy may be a smart choice for you to make.

(Just don’t wait. More on that in a minute.)

DCA was created to be the premier online resource for learning how to create and sell digital products and services — everything from ebooks and online courses to membership sites, WordPress themes and plugins, even SaaS applications.

We’re the ones who launched it because we’ve actually done this stuff. We’re a company that has steadily “practiced what we teach” with digital commerce to become an 8-figures-per-year business.

And we want to help you get your piece of the huge digital commerce pie.

So we invite you to join us inside of Digital Commerce Academy before we close the doors to new members on October 28, 2016.

We won’t be reopening until sometime in 2017, at which point the price will be nearly double what it is now.

Here’s why …

You already get all of the following with a Digital Commerce Academy membership

4 Complete Online Courses

  • Build Your Online Education Business the Smarter Way by Brian Clark
  • Themes, Plugins, and More: Creating WordPress Products the Smarter Way by Chris Lema
  • How to Create Automated Marketing Funnels That Work by Chris Garrett and Tony Clark
  • Savvy Social Advertising by Jerod Morris

On-demand access to 10 Case Study webinar replays

  • Nathan Barry of ConvertKit on Developing a SaaS Product
  • Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters on Launching a Paid Master Class
  • Brian Gardner of StudioPress on Building a Business Around Themes
  • How Danny Margulies Turned His Freelancing Success Into a Powerhouse Paid Course
  • Chris Lema on Avoiding the Most Common Pitfalls Digital Entrepreneurs Make When Entering the WordPress Premium Marketplace
  • How Sonia Thompson Used a Virtual Summit to Take Her Digital Business to the Next Level
  • How Andrea Vahl Built Her Ideal Lifestyle Business Around Paid Online Training
  • How Joanna Penn Created Her Ideal Life by Doing What She Loves (and Teaching it to Others)
  • How a Curated Email Newsletter Can Help You Build Your Unfair Digital Commerce Advantage (with Brian Clark)
  • The Smart Digital Entrepreneur’s Guide to Using Content to Sell More Digital Products and Services (with Pamela Wilson)

On-demand access to 7 Cutting Edge webinar replays

  • Why Marketing Automation Matters
  • Grizzled Webinar Veterans Reveal Their Biggest Tips (and Warnings) About Hosting Successful Webinars
  • Is Using Pop-ups to Build Your Email List Worth the Risk? (with Sonia Simone)
  • Can You Actually Make Money Using Periscope? (with Chris Ducker)
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat for Digital Marketers
  • How Virtual Reality Could Impact Digital Commerce in the (Near) Future
  • The Importance of Social Media Management

Plus new Coaching Q&As every other month where you can get your general or ultra-specific questions answered by respected members of our team like Brian Clark, Chris Garrett, and Rafal Tomal.

And the Digital Commerce Academy Community, where you can share insight and network with digital entrepreneurs just like you.

So you get all of that, right now on Day One, when you start your Digital Commerce Academy membership.

The price is going up when we reopen DCA in 2017 because it will then include all of this as well

  • New Course: Crafting Seductive Content for Digital Products and Services

  • New Course: Selling Productized Consulting in a Digital Environment

  • Every Case Study and Cutting Edge webinar that we host between now and then (plus all those to come)

  • Presentation videos from Digital Commerce Summit 2016

  • Presentation videos from Brian Clark and Sonia Simone delivering the Online Courses Workshop

Plus everything else we add to Digital Commerce Academy in the future.

And, of course, if you start your Academy membership today, you’ll get everything that is added when DCA reopens, and anything added thereafter, but your price will never change.

Hence why I said you’ll want to act now and not wait. :-)

You have until Friday, October 28, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time to start your Academy membership before the doors close.

This promotion will be your last chance to get in before the price goes up to $995 per year.

We hope you’ll join us inside today for only $595 per year billed annually (or $55 billed monthly).

Click here to learn more about Digital Commerce Academy and get started today.

As the stats at the beginning of this post attest, there’s a big, profitable pie for you to get your piece of … and we want to help you get it.

So don’t miss out and then have to pay more come 2017. Or, worse yet, don’t wait and ultimately never take that next important step toward your goal of generating revenue online through a digital product or service built on your expertise.

Joining Digital Commerce Academy is an important step in that direction.

Here’s the link for detailed information about what’s included in a Digital Commerce Academy membership:


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How Bestselling Author Jennifer Weiner Writes: Part Two


The #1 New York Times bestselling author of 12 books, Jennifer Weiner, took a few minutes to talk with me about the writer’s life, her new memoir, and Revenge of the Nerds.

Before her prolific career as a novelist, Ms. Weiner started out as a small town newspaper reporter and freelancer, before signing her first big book deal for her novel Good in Bed (2001).

Since then, her books have spent more than five years on the New York Times bestseller list, she has had a novel made into a major motion picture — In Her Shoes, starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette (2005) — contributed op-eds to the New York Times,, executive produced a TV series, and published a children’s book (The Littlest Bigfoot).

Her latest offering is the memoir Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing, and it “… is about yearning and fulfillment, loss and love, and a woman who searched for her place in the world, and found it as a storyteller.”

If you’re a fan of The Writer Files, click subscribe to automatically see new interviews.

If you missed the first half, you can find it right here.

In Part Two of this file Jennifer Weiner and I discuss:

  • How creative people see the world through their own lenses
  • Why hard work alone forges enduring writers
  • Why ebooks are indispensable to writers on the go
  • Why you just need to sit down and start writing

Listen to this Episode Now

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