New THE FRANCHISE Podcast Hosted By Kyle Newman

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Our great friend Kyle Newman sends word via the email below of a brand new podcast he will be hosting that is dedicated to that galaxy far, far away. Fans will definitely want to add this show to their catalog of must-listen podcasts, so over to Kyle for the details…

THE FRANCHISE is a brand new podcast dedicated to your favorite movie franchises. The series kicks off with the Saga that single-handedly changed the way films were made, merchandized and distributed… STAR WARS.

The Franchise

In this special (spoiler free) “State of the Union” pilot episode esteemed guests — actor Topher Grace, filmmaker FJ DeSanto, artist Paul Bateman and actress Jaime King — join us to insightfully analyze where the Star Wars franchise has taken us over the past 38 years…and where it may be heading under Disney’s new ownership. The subsequent (six) episodes will each be dedicated to a single film (beginning with 1977’s A New Hope) as we explore The Force Awakens’ mythological, social, and cultural ramifications on the Saga, challenging listeners to “unlearn what they have learned”! THE FRANCHISE is co-hosted by veteran podcasters Kyle Newman and Razzle Dangerously and joined by series regular and producer Jimmy ‘Mac’ McInerney.

Listen for FREE at — click “start free trial”. Create an account. Once you reach checkout, input the promo code FRANCHISE which will give you 1 month free. Check it out!

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