Farthest From 10: 12th – 13th December 2015

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star wars gifts

Bigger, bolder and better. This retro toy show has been running for over 4 years and has now grown into what I like to call a fully operational international mini-con, but the ways thing are going it could well turn into a full size convention. This show now attracts guests from all over the world and suppliers nation-wide that bring what I would say is the most refined collection of vintage merchandise to purchase and trade. Whether you’re looking for a pair of droids of maybe a pair of power converters which were out of stock at Tosche Station then you’ll most definitely find them, or someone who can get them, at this show.

The shows special guest was Return of the Jedi actor Gerald Home who played Squidhead from Jabba’s Palace and the Mon Calamari officer on the deck of the Alliances’ Capital ship that attacks the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Gerald presented an overview of his career and what it was like behind the scenes and on the set. He was also offering a selection of autographs and was open to any questions visitors may have.

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Have a browse through some of the photos of 1138 interviews, the public charity bid and Gerald Home’s chat on behind the scenes of Return of the Jedi at the latest Farthest From show.

Posted by Jedi News on Monday, 14 December 2015

Dave Tree also held a public auction of a special selection of items such as an original 1977 mint in box Stormtrooper, two Lego display stands, £100 worth of acrylic display boxes, a signed Official Pix Celebration III cloth poster of Squidhead signed by Gerald Home and many other quirky must haves. A whooping £1200 was raised in total of which all proceeds went towards CLIC Sargent charity that works with kids who suffer with cancer. Money was raised for a great cause with some very happy bidders and hopefully happy kids and the charity.

Around 10 stalls set up this Sunday and all were really packed to the edges and stacked to the sky with all types of lovely vintage collectables from mint in box carded figures to spare parts for rebuilds and even some Episode VII merchandise slipped in there. As always Jedi News were in attendance and you can catch up with interviews throughout the day on the next episode of Radio 1138. This really is a show that you should not judge by size, as like Yoda, it may be small but it is defiantly strong with the Force and packs one hell of a show.

All of the photos and coverage from the event can be found on the Jedi News Facebook page, on Twitter @JediNewsUK or on our Jedi News on Instagram page.

For more Jedi News event coverage visit our Events page here.

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