2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 22

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Just three days left. Let the festivities begin!

Day 22 - Reindeer R2-D2
Day 22 – Reindeer R2-D2

Well, it’s unpopular opinion time. The last three calendars have given us two exclusive figures for the end of the countdown. Santa versions of Jango Fett and Darths Maul and Vader. Each of them has brought an excellent sidekick in the form of baby Boba and two very cool custom astromechs, snowman and Christmas tree versions. This year sees a return to the subject matter that inspired Santa Yoda in the first calendar, Ralph McQuarrie’s Christmas card images.

If you’re familiar with them at all (or looked at the box) you know where this is heading. However, slapping the samurai antlers on R2 does not have the same impact as an exclusive figure. The antlers are in a new colour, but that hardly makes up for this version of the droid that has already popped up in a few sets. I’m going to score it a 3 because I’m being EXTREMELY generous and because it’s R2.

I like him, but this feels like a huge cop out after some of the previous years side kicks. Luckily, my Christmas Tree Astromech from last years calendar just arrived from the mysterious land of Bricklinkia yesterday, so at least I have all the previous custom droids now. Maybe this full circle inspiration is proof they’ve truly run out of ideas. We’ll have to wait and see, but this years calendar isn’t over yet.

To be continued…

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