2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 24 and Wrap Up

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It all comes down to this, however it turns out I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Let’s open door 24…

Day 24 - Santa C-3PO
Day 24 – Santa C-3PO

Here I am on the morning of Christmas Eve and I find the second half of this combo behind door 24.


For days I’ve been thinking about how to properly convey my disappointment about this years exclusive figs. 3PO does have a new torso, but it has nothing distinct to link it to the droid like previous Santa figs. How many unique torsos do we need for Santa Clause figures? They at least could have made the belt look like his midsection or had the coat open and the belt undone like the original card.

But again it’s Christmas Eve and I’m feeling very merry (and I haven’t even been into the eggnog yet!). My son seems to like these two well enough (though he liked the Tree Astromechs we got in the mail the other day far, far more) and it was nice to only get OT models and figs in this calendar, even if it barely crawled to a 3 for an overall rating. Keeping in mind I was being generous on many an occasion.

But now it’s time to have some fun with your figs, right?

Merry Christmas, Artoo!
“Merry Christmas Artoo!”

“Wait. Does this seem safe to you?”

Merry Christmas, Ewok!
“Merry Christmas, Ewok!”

Merry Christmas, Jawa!
“Merry Christmas, Jawa!”

Quick Artoo, Fly!
“Quick Artoo, Fly!”

Merry Christmas, Rebel!
“Merry Christmas, Goggles!”

Let’s break it all back down.

Daily Scores:

Day 1 – Jabba’s Sail Barge: 3
Day 2 – Sarlacc Pit: 3
Day 3 – LIN Demolitionmech: 2
Day 4 – Jawa: 4
Day 5 – Sandcrawler: 4
Day 6 – Ewok Weapon Rack: 1
Day 7 – Ewok Village: 3
Day 8 – Ewok Warrior: 4
Day 9 – Catapult: 2
Day 10 – Stormtrooper: 3
Day 11 – Imperial Star Destroyer: 4
Day 12 – Weapon Rack: 1
Day 13 – Assassin Droid: 3
Day 14 – Millennium Falcon: 2
Day 15 – Gun Turret: 3
Day 16 – A-wing Starfighter: 4
Day 17 – Hoth Rebel Trooper: 3
Day 18 – AT-AT: 4
Day 19 – Ion Cannon: 3
Day 20 – Imperial Probe Droid: 4
Day 21 – Hoth Command Post: 2
Day 22 – Reindeer R2-D2: 3
Day 23 – Lightsaber Sleigh: 3
Day 24 – Santa C-3PO: 3

Overall Set Score: 3

This year is easily my least favourite calendar and makes me wish I’d gotten last years. I hope the full circle of basing the final figs on the old Christmas cards as Yoda was in year one means these are done. Let someone else have a go at a licensed calendar.

DC Comics would be my first choice. As long as the Batmobile comes with an extra wheel and Robin has an egg.

Merry Christmas from FBTB!

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