Unstoppable Force? The Earning Power Of Star Wars

Originally posted: http://www.jedinews.co.uk/news/news.aspx?newsID=25017

star wars gifts

Check this out over at BBC Radio 5 Live, a show looking at the full force of Star Wars: How a film changed business. Adam Parsons made the show and at the BBC website he looks into the phenomena of Star Wars.

The list of records being set by this film is dizzying. The biggest opening weekend in American history, the biggest four-day total and the record time to gross $300m (£202m). Jurassic World had reached that mark in eight days; The Force Awakens got there in five.

Here in the UK, it took £9.68m on its first day and a smidgeon under £40m over its first five days on release. And yes, both of those are records, along with a plethora of other figures from all over the world. This is a film that is earning money at a remarkable pace.

And are we surprised? Of course not. This might be the first Star Wars film for a decade, but the Star Wars machine has never stopped working – bolstered by toys, games, cartoons, books, theme-park rides and bundles of merchandise. Since the first film came out, this franchise has generated more than $30bn in revenue, making it the most lucrative entertainment franchise in the world, but only a third of that has come from the films. The rest has all been down to merchandising. And that’s how Star Wars changed the world.

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