Funky Bitch

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boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 8

Every time I see her, she got new fancy clothes.

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 33

It was the morning after in Vegas. The night before I rolled into the Dead & Company show solo and danced the night away to some Scarlet Begonias and Sugaree. Since I totally missed out on a t-shirt purchase at the Fare Thee Well shows over the summer, I made a b-line to the merch table and literally scored the last small Dead & Company shirt. After standing front and center for the show and scoring my favorite concert tee actually in my size, I felt like I picked the winning slot machine. Paired with the hottest little retro Funky Bitch shorts from Jam Panties and thigh highs from my all time favorite sock company, Bergies NYC, I was ready to either throw on some roller skates or romp around the hotel room all morning.

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 41

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 25

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 36

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 17

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 5

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 20

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 2

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 23

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 16

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 27

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 30

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 32

If you wanna see more Jam Panty & Bergies NYC action, check out other blog posts here and here.

boho-bunnie-jam-panties-funky-bitch-dead-and-company-tshirt-merch-bergies-nyc-striped-thigh-high-socks 44

“Every time I see her shes gotten all the boys in town, Till she took up all our money, sure gonna put her down.”

Funky Bitch Retro Shorts Jam Panties / Rainbow Stripe Thigh High Socks Bergies NYC


Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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