Liberty Garden

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All cozied up in everything faux.

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion 24

I’ve become such a cold weather wimp. Growing up in wind chill temperatures that would shut down a school district, you think I could brave the California winter that dips just below 40 degrees. Not one bit. I wrap myself in my ginormous comforter every faux fur throw that I own until the last minute that I run into the scalding hot shower. I can’t imagine a cozier and cuter faux fur sweater and faux suede pants that gets me through the cool Cali holiday weather and festivities. If you’re aren’t hip to Liberty Garden, literally EVERYTHING in their line is to die for. An awesome mix of 70’s retro, with a little western glam. And if you wanna feel all done up but in the comfort level of never leaving your morning covers, you’ve gotta snatch this outfit up!

The scallop laser cut detailing with the studs on these vegan suede leggings is luscious. And this ring…another masterpiece from Flea Market Girl.

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion-2 10

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion 21

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion 19

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion-2 6

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion-2 2

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion 22

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion 11

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion-2 16

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion-2 8

This vegan fur sweater is so tactile! I have no idea why anyone would go with real fur when you have options like this!

liberty-garden-boho-bunnie-vegan-suede-fur-bed-stu-holiday-fashion-2 4

Stay warm and happy festivities, my bunnies!


Vegan Fur & Suede Sweater Liberty Garden / Vegan Suede Studded Pants Liberty Garden / Rings Flea Market Girl / Clutch Pachamama Bohemian / Platform Sandals Bedstu

Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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