Paint it Black

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for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 25

I wanna see it painted.

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 4

Thigh highs, booties & mini dresses. If I could pick one staple combination to live in the rest of the season this would be it. And I’m kinda obsessing over everything that has a little western edge to it, something I could imagine Linda Ronstadt or Emmylou Harris rocking on stage. Light colored shoes with black opaque tights have found a new place in my heart, it really makes any shoe seasonless. Perfect for a down town Las Vegas stroll.

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 35

This Flea Market Girl choker is getting paired with just about anything in my closet. Delicate enough to pair with other jewels and bold enough to stand alone.

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 6

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 10

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 26

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 19

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 11

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 16

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 14

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 28

for-love-and-lemons-santa-rosa-mini-dress-bed-stu-isla-booties-thigh-highs-agent-provacateur 1

I see the girls walk by, dressed in their summer clothes,
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.

Santa Rosa Mini Dress For Love & Lemons via Shop Bop / Crescent Moon Choker Flea Market Girl / Isla Booties Bed Stu / Thigh Highs Agent Provocateur / Bangle Bracelets The Stoke La / Silver Cuff Gypsy Junkies


Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

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