Ramble on Rose

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boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 24

Ramble on baby, settle down easy…

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 15

It was a weekend full of music, art, friendship and love. A last minute trip to Vegas to make beautiful art with Ashley Myers, catch a Dead and Company show, and a solo road trip to clear my mind. There’s nothing like watching a performance of some of your all time favorite musicians to inspire you for the weekend. This Johnny Was poncho has become a sort of inspirational piece for me. I wore it on stage performing with Phil Lesh (of the Grateful Dead) a fews weeks back, danced around in it at the Dead and Company show and twirled in the deserts of Las Vegas with my friend Ashley. This piece will sure be one of those that I hand down to my kids with amazing energy and stories. 

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 23

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 57

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 21

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 32

I pray that I never have to suppress my fringe fetish. The movement on this poncho is incredible!

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 46

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 10

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 31

I can’t get enough of Johnny Was tunic tops, especially from their Holiday 2015 Collection!”

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 7

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 49

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 34

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 53

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 64

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 41

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 29

boho-bunnie-johnny-was-jeffrey-campbell-mexican-blanket-western-fashion-blogger-kimono-fringe 63

“Just like Jack the Ripper, Just like Mojo Hand, Just like Billy Sunday, In a shotgun rag-time band.”

Sophie Embroidered Fringe Poncho Johnny Was / Tassel Necklace Gypsy Junkies / Bangles The Stoke LA / Wrap Bracelets Johnny Loves June / Lace Up Boots Jeffrey Campbell


Photos by Ashley Myers

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