Desert Chakra

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mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 6

Morning asanas.

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 4

Wouldn’t this just be the life, waking up and strolling through the desert to perch barefoot on a warm, sun kissed rock and practice daily meditation? One of these days I’ll break out of my 4am-10am sleeping habits and get my mornings started off right. Yoga has been such a meaningful activity for me. When I first moved to LA I became slightly obsessed with it and took Bikram yoga classes 5-6 days a week! I was scraping by and putting only $10 at a time into my gas tank but sure as hell finding a way to pay for my yoga classes. That extreme dedication paid off; even when I’m traveling or insanely busy with work, for the most part my body knows exactly where it left off last class. As much intention that I put into my yoga practice, it’s only fitting to pair my practice with handmade creations by beautiful artists Mal Wingostarr & Shannon Noelke. What’s in store for the new year? While I can’t make it back to my daily routine quite yet, I am now living within walking distance of my original yoga studio! Amazing how some things come full circle.

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 1

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 9

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 3

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 14

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 12

Namaste, my yogi bunnies!

Rose Gold & Horn Necklace Mal Wingostarr Jewelry / Mandala Yoga Pants Free Spirit Love Shop Black Off the Shoulder Top Gypsy Junkies / Labradorite Ring Shannon Noelke Metal Arts


Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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