Beyond the Sea

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mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 7

Somewhere beyond the sea, Somewhere waiting for me…

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 18

It’s the dead of January and I still don’t take for granted that there will never be an ice scraper in my car ever again. I take pride in the fact that I don’t own a winter coat, and that this entire month I have walked to my yoga class in flip flops. LA winter is far from my Jamaican spring breaks but the fact that I can brave the beaches of Malibu in a bikini is pretty amazing. It’s a far cry from summer surf, but it is summer somewhere. And that somewhere happens to be Australia, home of MGRA swim wear designer, Mitch Gobel.

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 11

Each bikini is printed with nature-inspired paintings by Mitch Gobel. Australian made, as environmentally friendly as possible and 10% of all profits go towards MGRA Wildlife and Habitat Conservation, a charity directed by Mitch and his business partner. The story behind these two blokes from Melbourne and Byron Bay and their bikini line launch is pretty charming and worth a quick read here. It’s definitely not a coincidence that this suit is by by far the best fitting cheeky bikini I own!

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 5

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 12

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 8

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 6

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 9

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 10

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 16

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 17

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 2

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 15

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 14

These Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets are my new loves. Wear them as chokers, headbands, even around your waist. The earth tones and delicate beadwork are perfection!

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 4

“My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailin”

Bikini MGRA Swim Wear / Beaded Wrap Bracelets Victoria Emerson / Feather & Fringe Jaguar Paw Necklace Billi Blues / Horn & Brass Necklaces Bohemian Bunnie / Head Band Gypsy Junkies / Beaded Stacked Bracelets Jan Skopes / Rings by Eclectic Bling Jewelry, Shannon Noelke Metal Arts, Flea Market Girl / Bohemian Scarf The Stoke LA


Photos by Victor Zuidema

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