Beyond the Sea

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mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 7

Somewhere beyond the sea, Somewhere waiting for me…

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 18

It’s the dead of January eight years after I moved to LA and I still don’t take for granted that there will never be an ice scraper in my car ever again. I take pride in the fact that I don’t own a winter coat, and that this entire month I have walked to my yoga class in flip flops. LA winter is far from my Jamaican spring breaks but the fact that I can brave the beaches of Malibu in a bikini is pretty amazing. It’s a far cry from summer surf, but it is summer somewhere. And that somewhere happens to be Australia, home of MGRA swim wear designer, Mitch Gobel.

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 11

Each bikini is printed with nature-inspired paintings by Mitch Gobel. Australian made, as environmentally friendly as possible and 10% of all profits go towards MGRA Wildlife and Habitat Conservation, a charity directed by Mitch and his business partner. The story behind these two blokes from Melbourne and Byron Bay and their bikini line launch is pretty charming and worth a quick read here. It’s definitely not a coincidence that this suit is by by far the best fitting cheeky bikini I own!

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 5

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 12

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 8

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 6

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 9

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 10

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 16

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 17

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 2

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 15

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 14

These Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets are my new loves. Wear them as chokers, headbands, even around your waist. The earth tones and delicate beadwork are perfection! Use code bohobunnie20 at checkout for 20% off!

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 4

“My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailin”

Bikini MGRA Swim Wear / Beaded Wrap Bracelets Victoria Emerson (code bohobunnie20 for 20% off) / Feather & Fringe Jaguar Paw Necklace Billi Blues / Horn & Brass Necklaces Bohemian Bunnie / Head Band Gypsy Junkies / Beaded Stacked Bracelets Jan Skopes / Rings by Eclectic Bling Jewelry, Shannon Noelke Metal Arts, Flea Market Girl / Bohemian Scarf The Stoke LA


Photos by Victor Zuidema

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