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violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 21 (1)

Like a heartbeat, drives you mad…

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 18 (1)

Where would bohemian fashion be without it’s all time favorite muse, Stevie Nicks? The rock goddess herself created an iconic look that has proven timeless. Fleetwood Mac’s music has always been special to me. I can’t tell you how many times Rumors has been on at least a 5x repeat in one sitting. Strong women in rock is so inspiring and I can only dream that one day my music and style leave a lasting impression even a quarter that of Stevie Nicks. Until then I’ll be channeling my inner Stevie with a Violet Vixen corset.

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 14 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 22 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 25 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 11 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 10 (1)

The construction on this corset is remarkable! Each seam is reinforced and the structure is so solid.

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 17 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 20 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 7 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 12 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 15 (1)

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 9 (1)

Unbelievable detail in the beadwork of this piece. And the hardware mixed with the lace-up inserts is so sexy!

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 19 (1)

“In the stillness of remembering what you had…”

Underbust Stevie Nicks Corset Violet Vixen / Beaded Bracelets Jandrian Skopes / Labradorite Ring Shannon Noelke Metal Arts / Bangles The Stoke LA / Eagle Ring Flea Market Girl


Photos by Justin Zangerle

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