Tangled up in Blue

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the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 2 (1)

Wond’ring if she’d changed it all,
If her hair was still red.

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 1 (1)

Layers and movement. Nothing is more appealing to slip into than a dress that flounces with every step. Mixing with layers is something I definitely want to do more of especially after my trip to Japan. After a personalized tour of the designers at Dover Street Market Ginza, Japanese fashion makes me want to up my game on every level. I’m talking rad printed pants, under skirt, under kimono, under printed shirt, under a white leather moto jacket. Amazing! I’ll start with mixing this vintage 70s leather vest over this playful bohemian dress from The Little Bazaar. A much simpler layering tactic but definitely more Californian. 

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 18

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 10

This choker! Johnny Loves June steals my heart every time with their designs. This peace sign choker is one of my faves…it instantly gives any outfit a rad 70s vibe.

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 9

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 15

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 20

Bed Stu booties…always a fave!

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 16

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 5

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 6

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 19

the-little-bazaar-johnny-loves-june-vintage-bedstu-western-fashion-bohemian-malibu-blogger-topanga-canyon-hippie-dress 13

“Like it was written in my soul from me to you,
Tangled up in blue.”

Dip Dyed Hippie Dress The Little Bazaar / Peace Sign Choker Johnny Loves June / Fringe Necklace & Beaded Cuffs Boho Global / Rings Eclectic Bling Jewelry, Shannon Noelke Metal Arts / Booties Bed Stu / Vest & Wooden Bangles Vintage


Photos by Victor Zuidema

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