Waiting for the Sun

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pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 2

Boho beads & gypsy florals.

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 9

The week I can finally switch out a handful of my winter boots for sandals is officially the start of spring fashion for me. Nothing screams spring more than silk floral prints. I’m always a sucker for bold colors but mixing with white gives them a fresh spring feel.

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 6

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 15

The beadwork on this Pachamama Bohemian jacket is just stunning. It couldn’t be a better jacket to pair with your favorite maxi.

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 8

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 3

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 13

Amy Friend Jewelry has been a favorite of mine for her beautiful classic designs. The double ring necklace and hoop earrings are easy staples to add to any ensemble.

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 1

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 19

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 5

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 17

Up close and personal with one of the coolest boho bags you might own.

pachamama-bohemian-johnny-was-clothing-boho-beaded-bag-silk-scarf-maxi-dress 4

“Can you feel it now that Spring has come? That it’s time to live in the scattered sun…”

White Beaded Jacket Pachamama Bohemian / Boho Beaded Bag Pachamama Bohemian / Silver Hoop Necklace & Earrings Amy Friend Jewelry / Silk Scarf Boho Maxi Dress Johnny Was Clothing


Photos by Victor Zuidema

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