Banditos and Bolos

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the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 8

Tapia Bros Farm

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 7

This particular day of shooting happened to be one of those days where everything just lined up. My favorite little farmer’s stand was actually closed for winter but just happened to have their gates open and the owners happily welcomed our little entourage to roam freely and shoot. About 5 minutes into shooting we were summoned over to a little area of the farm where a baby lamb had just been born and we witnessed him take his first steps. Such a beautiful start to spring! With western florals, cowboy boots and a bolo, this farmer’s daughter look welcomes in the warm months of this season.

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 17

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 6

This concho necklace is such an easy piece to throw on with your favorite Waylon Jennings tee or in this case a vintage lace inlay shirt I magically found in my outdoor closet (the garage). I’ve often joked about going vintage shopping in my garage and I definitely scored on item on this past trip!

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 11

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 10

I just love the light movement and colors of this high-waisted western skirt!

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 13

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 2

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 12

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 15

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 9

the-little-bazaar-most-wanted-dan-post-cowboy-boots-bolo-western-skirt-bohemian 5

Western Floral Skirt The Little Bazaar / Bolo Most Wanted USA / Cowyboy Boots Dan Post Boots / Lace Inlay Shirt Vintage


Photos by Jasmin Ayala

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