Blue Bayou

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hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 20

The silver moon, and the evening tide.

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 4

Maxi dresses are such a summer staple in my wardrobe. Nothing is easier than throwing on one complete piece and dressing it down with some boots or dressing it up with some heels. Hale Bob has the bohemian resort look down to a T. Gorgeous chiffon caftans, draping maxis, and bold printed minis make up this summer’s line. Comfortable enough wear while running errands and elegant enough to wear out a beachfront dinner date. I could literally live in these pieces. On vacation or home in Los Angeles, Hale Bob dresses are one of my new must-haves.

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 25

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 23

I’m loving the placement and mixing of all of these prints on this maxi. And the cobalt blue is such a fun color to mix into your wardrobe.

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 14

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 3

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 27

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 28

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 21

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 8

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 10

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 16

The button up front is a gorgeous addition to this dress. A little peek-a-boo leg is always sexy.

hale-bob-maxi-dress-bohemian-resort-fashion-blogger 26

Where the folks are fine
And the world is mine
On Blue Bayou.

Billi Sleeveless Maxi Dress Hale Bob / Platform Sandals Bedstu


Photos by Ashley Myers

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