Sky Above, Earth Below, Fire Within

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Arima Yoga Wear


Every year around this time I feel especially grateful for my yoga practice. It was almost exactly eight years ago today that I decided to make a complete lifestyle change. I was extremely active with competitive sports growing up, I played field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, ran cross country, track and field, enough sports to guess I was the biggest jock in high school. In fact I was so far from that with all of my music and art related activities that when I left high school and started a rigorous music conservatory training that working out was the absolute last thing on my list. I would take smoke breaks during my 8 hour practice sessions, attend regular happy hour events and one summer while attending Aspen Music Festival for nine weeks, I made a pact to drink with my friends every single night. Heavily. I’m assuming this isn’t much different from most people’s college experience but moving to LA sure as hell didn’t help. I was running amongst the socialites at all the hot night clubs and would be at after hours parties multiple days a week until the sun came up. Do I regret any of this? Absolutely not! Did it need to stop? In the worst way ever, yes! My friend took me to a Bikram yoga class which was probably the most intense work out I had ever experienced next to my two-a-day summer field hockey practices running suicides in 90 degree weather and thick humidity. Bikram was the one thing I knew would kick my ass and get me back in gear. In May 2008 I started attending yoga class 5 days a week and I had literally never felt better. I’ve been hooked on yoga ever since and feel so grateful for the instructors that pushed me back into a healthy lifestyle. So naturally I’m a sucker for anything yoga related and these rad threads from Arima Yoga Wear are no exception.




Now that I’ve probably written the longest paragraph in the history of my blog, I won’t take up too much more space with typing but wanted to point out the super cute “Namaste” font running down the side of the pants. Love!







Arima’s screen printed designs are absolutely adorabe! Had drawn arrows and fonts on SUPER comfy tanks that are a perfect oversize fit.



This phrase couldn’t sum up my intense determination during my introduction to my yoga practice any better.


Cheers to all the yogis and everyone who has chosen a healthy way of life!


Yoga Graphic Tees Arima Yoga Wear / Namaste Yoga Pants Arima Yoga Wear / Braided Sandals Teva / Tassel Necklace Gypsy Junkies / Head Wrap Gypsy Junkies / Bohemian Patchwork Bag Pachamama Bohemian

Photos by Jasmin Ayala

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