My Sweet Lord

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rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 16

Really want to show you Lord, That it won’t take long

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 1

It’s been a second since I’ve shared some music related posts on my blog. I’ve vowed this year to start doing more videos of me performing, and here’s the first of many more to come by my new little trio, B Western! I’ve gone deep down the country music path since I started learning this pedal steel guitar three years ago. It’s really interesting how all forms of art and fashion are so intertwined together. My personal fashion style has been taking a shift towards more western bohemian style basically because I’ve been immersing myself in all forms of country music. Bro country (not really a fan, but I’ve learned and performed quite a library of that), mainstream country, western swing, classic country, and of course California country/rock which includes one of my faves the Flying Burrito Brothers. The more I dig into learning pedal steel, the more music I discover and the more it influences what I wear everyday. I’ve been obsessing over chain stitching embroidery, vintage western items, and anything that you may have seen a country western star wear from the 50’s to the 70’s. Now if I could only have a closet filled with Rockin B Clothing for every country performance I do! I’ve been obsessively sharing her line all over my insta and I’m excited to share the first full length feature on my blog of just one of her incredible designs!

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 25

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 12

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 8

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 20

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 5

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 18

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 15

The pearl snaps, the colors, the piping, everything is such an exceptional quality and downright one of the most darling dresses I’ve worn! The dress even has a little stretch in the fabric so it works soooo well for performing!

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 27

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 13

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 4

rockin-b-western-nudie-suit-dress-vintage-circle-skirt-fringe-boots-stetson-cowboy-hat-pedal-steel-guitar-female-player-boho-bunnie-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-country-musician-andrea-whitt 21

“But it takes so long, my Lord.”


Western Kitty Dress Rockin B Clothing / Cowboy Hat Stetson / Zum Steel Pedal Steel Guitar Steel Guitars of North County / Fringe Boots Vintage

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

Shot on location at Rancho de Ardilla in Joshua Tree

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