Dirty Laundry

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femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 3

Dirty little secrets, Dirty little lies

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 18

It’s actually one of those mornings that I have at least 5 loads of laundry sitting on my bedroom floor. And if you’re anything like me, I air dry at least 75% of my laundry so that means my bedroom currently looks like an open air market in Instanbul with bohemian threads draping from every knob, hook and rod that can hold a hanger. It was last month that I stumbled across this sweet little laundromat in Crestline, California with my photographer. Not one counter had been changed since the 70’s (possibly a handful of dryers as well) and it even came equipped with a local resident that didn’t look up once from his newspaper despite my twirling obnoxiously around in a wheeled laundry basket. Wearing a dress from Femmebot Clothing I could literally live in, I pranced around this little pastel paradise without any actual laundry obligation and only doing activities my 10 year old self would be stoked to do.

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 10

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 11

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 23

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 25

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 13

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 16

femmebot-clothing-tie-dye-mumu-laudromat-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie-big-bear-cowboy-boots-western-overtone-hair-color-hot-rocks 7

“We love to cut you down to size,
We love dirty laundry.”

Tie Dye Mumu Femmebot Clothing / Cowboy Boots Vintage


Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

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