Born in the USA

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Happy 4th y’all!

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The Wild West, cowboy hats & Bruce Springsteen…can you get much more patriotic than that? Currently I’m spending my 4th at a music festival performing and teaching in Ohio with plans for Nashville next week. Most of my traveling involves music and last Fourth of July was no exception with the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well shows. If I’m not making music or attending a show, my heart truly belongs in the desert. From my dozens of road trips to Vegas I’ve fallen in love with the open road, desert highways and solo drives with my favorite tunes. Nothing like a break from Los Angeles traffic jams that literally take years off of your life, to drive into vast open space. Don’t get me wrong, I do love LA, but my new found love for Joshua Tree will pull me from the city as much as humanly possible. My favorite western road trip threads? Pink Arrows Boutique vintage tees and comfy cut offs for days.

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 4

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 22

Softest vintage tee to date ever! Pink Arrows Boutique kills it with their Trunk tees.

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 15


Exploring Pioneertown, rad vintage buses and kicking up dirt in the desert wind.

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 13

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 10

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 7

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 24

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 9

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 16

pink-arrows-boutique-boho-bunnie-pioneertown-fpme-trunk-vintage-tee-fashion-blogger 6

Enjoy your holiday, bunnies!

Bruce Springsteen Vintage Tee Pink Arrows Boutique / Denim Cutoffs Pink Arrows Boutique / Cowboy Hat Stetson / Silver Eagle Cuff Boho Global / Leather Choker Wrap Gypsy Junkies


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