Writers: Discover How to Step Up Your Game with Our Free Ebook


We love writers around here. Have you noticed?

Professional writers. Aspiring writers. Struggling writers. Successful writers. Writers of all kinds!

To show our appreciation, we put together a free ebook for writers called WORD. Because in our experience, writers are also readers, so an ebook seemed like the perfect delivery system for our information.

We gathered our best articles-written-for-writers from people like Sonia Simone, Brian Clark, Stefanie Flaxman, Beth Hayden, and this other writer you may know. 😉

Download WORD: Writers Offer Reliable Direction


Here’s what you’ll find inside WORD:

  • Traits that all well-paid writers share
  • The change in mindset that helps you charge more
  • How to craft a pitch that lands you the job
  • A pricing formula you can use
  • How to focus on “true benefits” that make the sale

It’s some of our best content for writers, and we want to get it into your hands today!

This 45-page beautifully designed ebook is available to you for free from your friends at Copyblogger

Just add your email address below, click the confirmation link we’ll send you, and you’ll get instant access to WORD from Copyblogger.

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