On the Border

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this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 21

Oh oh I’m out on the border, I’m walking the line

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 11

The best way to wear a classic rock tee? As a deep v, Brazilian cut one piece of course. Christian Cox, the brilliant designer behind the brand Mouth seriously makes the raddest rock clothing that’s incredibly sexy but remains rocker cool. My first design from Christian that I own is the Grateful Dead Steal Your Face one piece that I still get inquires from even two years after I posted it on Boho Bunnie! Probably one of the most coveted items on my blog. By itself or layered under some high-waisted flares, it’s a no brainier wardrobe staple. I love pairing white on white with an eagle pendant necklace and cuff from Boho Global. Frolicking on the grounds of Pappy and Hariett’s in Joshua Tree, we survived a true desert wind storm on our first shoot of our desert trip.

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian (4)

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 1

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 2

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 13

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 17

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 10

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian (1)

Love notes in the sand…

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 14

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 16

Booty cut perfection!

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 15

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 9

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian (2)

Lounging in the Joshua Tree desert. This place has become such a special retreat to me. Any chance I can get I’ll hit the road to this untouched desert city.

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 6

a-this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian (3)

this-is-mouth-eagles-one-piece-swim-suit-papp-and-harriets-on-the-border-overtone-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-bohemian 18

“Don’t you tell me ’bout your law and order
I’m try’n’ to change this water to wine.”

Eagles On the Border One Piece Swim Suit Mouth / White and Silver Eagle Necklace and Cuff Boho Global


Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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