3 Grim Realities about Online Authority that Will Make You Smile


You’ve heard the whispers, haven’t you?

“The internet has too much content already. You can’t get anyone’s attention with content marketing anymore.”

I beg to differ.

Sure, the internet is a vast sea of content. And the water level rises every day. But so does the discernment level of the average content consumer (read: all of us).

We’re not satisfied with slapdash information anymore. We won’t waste our time reading if your page looks uninviting. You won’t get our clicks if your headline promises nothing in exchange.

We’re not satisfied with junk content. Our content palates are more sophisticated than they used to be. This may seem like disheartening news. How can you hope to build online authority in such a challenging environment?

But I’m here to tell you that the grim realities of today’s internet give us many reasons to have hope for a bright future.

We’ve been preaching the three “grim realities” below since 2006, and they’re as true today as they were then. Today, in 2016, there has never been a better time to learn content marketing the Copyblogger way.

Here’s why.

1. Building online authority takes time

online-authority-timeOnline authority isn’t built in a day, or a week, or a month. It takes a sustained effort over a long time.

How long?

Well, there’s no magic formula. It’s going to depend on your skills, the field you’re entering (and how much competition is there already), how often you publish, your positioning, and a myriad of other factors.

The one thing I can tell you for sure is that building online authority will take longer than you wish. And longer than most people are willing to devote to it — and that’s the good news.

What’s thrilling about this …

The good news hidden in this seemingly bad news is that the online authority game rewards those who are willing to stick with it. Persistence and hard work — combined with a content strategy that positions your website for success — pay off.

2. Content marketing is always changing


Is content marketing an art or a science?

Great content marketing is a little of both. And just like the fields of art and science, content marketing is always changing.

  • Certain content types surge in popularity and then go out of fashion, just like certain styles of art.
  • Our understanding of content’s role, how people interact with it, and the best ways to promote it changes from year to year, just like our understanding of some scientific topics.

Certain elements of successful content don’t change:

A consistent publishing schedule counts — and quality content that’s reader-focused always wins.

These are like the moving parts of an engine.

But what’s working well looks different from year to year. The tools may morph and change. Smart marketers stay on top of the trends and techniques.

What’s delightful about this …

The good news? Not everyone is willing to stay educated about what works.

You’re here, reading Copyblogger, so I know you’re different. You’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn what’s working now. (More on taking this to the next level at the end of this article.)

3. You can’t just push a button to create content


Don’t get us wrong. There are tools that make the content marketing process easier. Way easier.

But you still have to put in the thought, the time, and the effort.

You create content and put it out there. You pay attention to your results. You do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Sometimes you need to try several approaches before you gain traction.

What’s amazing about this …

The good news is that if creating effective content were as easy as pushing a button, everyone would be doing it and you’d have a lot more competition.

Here at Copyblogger, we started helping you build your online authority in 2006. Ten years later, we’re still here, bringing you what actually works week after week.

Why picky readers will be your salvation

As online content consumers, we’re not willing to eat junk all day. We want high-quality content that offers a clear benefit in exchange for our time — content that’s easy to read and easy on the eyes.

And we’re getting pickier all the time.

And that, dear Copyblogger reader, is the most excellent news of all.

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