The Upside of Setting Outrageous Goals


This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur is determined. His goal is to help five billion people with their efforts to grow their businesses. How?

He’s doing so by sharing as much content as he possibly can and by providing valuable services to purpose-driven companies.

He strives to be wealthy, not just in material things, but also with connections to make the world a better place …

In this 46-minute episode, Brandon Lewin and I discuss:

  • The biggest benefit he derives from being a digital entrepreneur
  • Why he finds it imperative to “give away” all the information he possibly can
  • His story on how he got the taste for entrepreneurship at a young age
  • What led him to the realization that he never wanted to work for anybody else
  • The milestone that he’s most proud of as a digital entrepreneur
  • How he consciously chooses the right people to work with to create his “A-Team”
  • How marketing automation has benefited his business

And much more.

Plus, Brandon answers my patented rapid-fire questions at the end of the episode, which unveiled a couple common interests that we share. Don’t miss it.

Listen to this Episode Now

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