Why Trusting Your Instincts Can Lead You to Your Passion


This week’s guest is obsessed. She has a burning passion for creating freedom not only in her own life but also in the lives of others. She is Raubi Perilli, and she is a Digital Entrepreneur.

In this 32-minute episode, Raubi walks you through her story as a digital entrepreneur:

  • Why she learned to trust her instincts after a particularly challenging experience with a client
  • How she was able to find a balance between client work and creating digital products
  • Why seeing clients excited to receive the work they’ve paid her for gives her the most satisfaction in her business
  • How Raubi plans to keep changing and growing moving forward
  • The simple, but powerful, productivity hack that has helped Raubi focus on work that matters (and that you could implement today)

And more. Plus, Raubi answers my rapid-fire questions at the end, where she reveals who she’d have a 30-minute Skype call with if given the chance.

Listen to this Episode Now

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