Feather and Bone UK

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Tour life in London


I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better trip to London. I met up with friends from high school and college I hadn’t seen in years, had an amazing evening with bandmates and crew at an incredible Indian restaurant that randomly ended up as a late night hang in an antique shop, did a photo shoot for the amazing designer Feather and Bone UK, and oh, got to play Royal Albert Hall SOLD OUT TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I’ll get back to Royal Albert Hall in another post, but first the reason you’re probably reading this blog in the first place…for the fashion, duh. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Feather and Bone for almost two years now, starting when we did our first collaboration for Coachella in April 2015. This company makes the most magically fitting, extremely feminine and sexy clothes that are so incredibly effortless. This little pink dress has been my go-to piece for the past month since I’ve been home in the states. With tights, with converse, with thigh high boots…I kinda want one in every color. And for all of my readers, use a special code ‘BOHO10′ for 10% off everything (even sale)!










Discovering Gordon’s Wine Bar for the first time! This wine cave from 1890 is a must visit on any trip to London!






Thank you Amanda May for making this all happen and for the amazing tour around London! What a blast finally getting to meet in person, I can’t wait to see you again on my next trip! x

All dresses by Feather and Bone UK


Photography by Timid Aoc

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