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Vintage fashion in Marie Claire, Taiwan



I’m over the moon with the feature that Marie Claire did this month on me and my photographer, Ashley Marie Myers! Read on for my interview translation….

MC: Since when you found you are interested in vintage fashion? Any special occasion you can still remember?

Andrea: I remember when I was 12 digging through all of my aunt’s clothing that she wore in the 60’s and 70’s. She gifted me this amazing shiny polyester tie dye mini dress with purple fringe that she made me promise to never give away. She was probably two sizes smaller than me when she wore that dress so unfortunately it’s not really a piece I can wear, but it’s one of my favorites. I think I’ve been hooked on vintage fashion ever since.

MC: Which era’s fashion style you love the most and why?

Andrea: 70’s for sure. It has the most bohemian rock n roll influence. I’m a musician so that era really speaks to me. High-waisted denim, platforms, mini dresses in funky, flow-y prints.

MC: What is your fashion tips?

Andrea: Wear whatever makes you feel amazing. And don’t get hung up on the trends. If you wear something that’s trendy at the moment but doesn’t work for your body type, it will never look right.

MC: What kind of item, such as coat, bags or trousers you have the most? Which item you spent most of time or effort looking for it and how?

Andrea: I have ended up with more vintage coats than anything else. I think coats make the biggest statement so I’m automatically attracted to them. When I go vintage shopping I never have a specific item in mind. (Except when I need a piece specifically for a shoot). Vintage clothing is in the best form when it comes to you. A visit to a vintage store on a whim has sometimes been the most successful trip for me.

MC: Describe the meaning of vintage fashion to you?

Andrea: Vintage fashion to me celebrates fashion trends that will always come around again and again. In the age of disposable clothing such as H&M and Forever 21, vintage fashion is a way to wear quality clothing that no one else owns at a price that is often less expensive than the crap that’s currently in the mall and headed for our landfills.

MC: If someone want to engage in vintage fashion business, would you please provide him/ her some advice?

Andrea: Start by visiting local flea markets and look for items that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Such as t-shirts and sunglasses. As you feel more comfortable in those pieces, allow other items to work their way into your daily style such as boots, dresses and jackets. Make sure you visit vintage stores on a day that you have plenty of time and an open mind. Sometimes I find myself spending hundreds of dollars on vintage scores and sometimes I walk away with nothing. And obviously be open to stepping outside of the box when it comes to your personal style.

Thank you so much Marie Claire for the amazing feature!


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