Mellow Yellow

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novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 18

I’m just mad about Saffron, Saffron’s mad about me.

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 25

Yellows, burnt umber and brick reds. A palette fit for 1969. This little tie-up shirt from Pachamama Bohemian and dreamy yellow floral crops from Novella Royale are gonna be my spring staples. Cozy enough for lounging and groovy enough for a night out. Yellow actually happens to be my favorite color, it’s just so tricky to wear. The subtle shades of yellow and what my teenage self would call ‘puke green’ have become a favorite combination of mine. This billowy, gauzy yet oh so feminine blouse is my favorite compliment to skin tight flares. Tied up or loose and breezy, it’s so versatile and so easy. 

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 23

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 29

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 14

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 16

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 22

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 6

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 31

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 30

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 32

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 8

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 20

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 19

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 35

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 2

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 36

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 28

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 27

novella-royale-johsua-tree-pachamama-bohemian-playboy-vintage-crop-flares 11

“Electrical banana, it’s bound to be the very next phase.”

White Gauze Blouse Pachamama Bohemian / Cropped Vintage Flares Novella Royale / Antler Charm Necklace Flea Market Girl


Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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