The Moon Made Me Do It

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From the Mojave to the Sahara

I never would have thought that jumping on a plane to Europe for my first world tour with Italian artist Zucchero almost one year ago today would take me to all corners of the globe. I’m a desert bunnie through and through and found another desert haven only last week in Tunis, Tunisia. On the coast of the Baltic Sea and just the cusp of the Sahara Desert, I got a glimpse of other worldly sandscapes. Omar the camel took me on a beach walk and I successfully got lost and found my way out of the market of Medina. (The later is definitely not something I would recommend if you’re flying solo). This also happens to be the ten year anniversary week that I moved to Los Angeles AND on the day of a full moon. It couldn’t be more fitting for a Mysterioso Rock Art post photographed in my second home, the Joshua Tree desert. Cheers to world traveling, career success and ten years in a city that I’m proud to call home, Los Angeles. 

Happy traveling, my bunnies!

The Moon Made Me Do It Tee Mysterioso Rock Art / Geometric Swim Bottoms Novelly Royale

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

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